10 Tips For Dressing The Plus Size Figure

If you don’t look like Heidi Klum, it can be difficult to dress yourself in a way that leaves you feeling confident and secure in your fashion sense. You can change this, however, by understanding a few tricks and general truths about your size. Here are ten tips for dressing for the plus-size figure.

10: Ignore The Labels Vanity sizing is a plague on modern fashion, and besides, no one is going to know your real size but you. Learn to ignore the little numbers on the label and instead focus on fit, cut and comfort.

9: Know Your Body Type Are you an apple or a pear? Where does your weight tend to settle? Find your problem areas and then look for outfits that draw the eye away from them.

8: Wear Clothing That Fits There’s a tendency for plus-size women to hide their figures behind baggy or overlarge clothing. Instead of helping, however, this kind of behavior just makes you look shapeless and uncomfortable with your body. Wear clothing that fits, with hems that fall where they’re supposed to and sleeves that don’t swallow you whole.

7: Accentuate Your Waist The female waist is naturally the smallest part of the body, even on plus-size women. Learn how to emphasis your waistline with choice belts and A-line skirts that allow the eye to flit smoothly from the top of your figure to the bottom.

6: Use Black Sparingly It’s a slimming color, true, but you don’t want to overdo it. Try to limit your black clothing to no more than one piece per day, like black slacks only. Use the rest of your outfit to be fabulous and fashionable.

5: Prints or Neutrals, But Not Both Prints are pretty distractions that can serve the plus-size woman well. So are natural, neutral colors that soothe instead of declare. Choose one or the other for your outfits, but never both, because that will just clash and draw attention to the parts of your outfit that don’t transition well into the next.

4: Coordinate Your Outfits Dress in complimentary colors. Match your jacket to your purse. Again, you want the eye to run smoothly over your entire outfit, because this will naturally the impression of a leaner appearance.

3: Know Your Fabrics Were you aware that polyester discolors when it stretches? Now imagine that discoloration around, say, the stomach area of your shirt. If you want to avoid embarrassment, not to mention save money on clothing that really lasts, pass up the cheap blended fabrics and instead treat yourself to high-quality material like wool and cashmere.

2: Accessorize Jewelry. Scarves. Handbags. Not only will they add flair and style to your ensemble, but they’ll serve as an additional distraction from any problem areas or annoying wobbly bits.

1: Stay Confident This is easier said than done, of course, but you can dress like a queen and still look like a fifth grader if you don’t have the confidence and courage to strut your stuff. You’re a plus-sized woman. So what? You’re putting a lot of effort into your dress sense and you have just as much right to enjoy fashion as anyone. Flaunt it, girl, and be proud of your style!

These are just a few tips for dressing for the plus-size figure. With coordination and confidence, you too can look as good as a runway model, a few extra pounds or no.

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