5 Top Tips for Staying Motivated in 2016

The start of the year is the perfect excuse and time to set a bunch of resolutions that, within all likelihood, won’t make it past February. For those seeking a bit of a push, check out these five tips for staying motivated in 2013:

Set Up A Planner
This is more easily said than done but if you write your personal goals and targets down in a planner, it’s much more likely you’ll get it done as it’ll be in your mind all day. Put it on your laptop or as a note beside your bed so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up. Take segments and complete them as they come, such as a day-by-day plan or week-by-week.

Mix It Up
It’s great to go running every once in a while but finding the motivation to get out of bed and throw on the running shoes can be a challenge. Try something fresh and different in this instance; perhaps start a new sport or go for a jog in a different, more attractive location. Do it in the evening instead of the morning and just make sure that things are kept different and exciting.

Reward Yourself
If you walk along a path, setting yourself individual goals, you deserve to be rewarded as this will give you an extra boost on the way to the next goal. Again, self-discipline is required here but it’s vital that you treat yourself on occasions. Have a well-earned night out with friends, order a pizza or indulge yourself in a way that will refresh the mind and give you extra confidence and energy to continue.

Plan Meals
Similar to the planner, if you plan your meals out, you’re more likely to go with what you have written. It’ll be ingrained in your mind and it’ll keep you motivated, offering a healthy alternative. Many will like to keep count of what they’ve consumed and so it can be helpful to keep a diary and planner for the days ahead, detailing your progress. It’ll give you the chance to improve on yourself too.

Many like to be independent but it’s important to have someone alongside you. What better way to motivate yourself than to have someone else do it for you. This could be as a running partner or just someone who wants to see you succeed.

Essentially, you don’t need the New Year to put your plans into action. Why do we wait until the New Year to make our resolutions? These are goals and habits that can be completed whenever you desire and that mind-set will help provide much-needed motivation.

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