A Guide to Taking Care of Your Suits

Michael Kors once said that a man in a well-tailored suit is always better than a man in an off-the-rack suit.

A good-quality tailored suit is perhaps a man’s biggest style investment. Your suit must be robust enough to get you through the day. But most suit fabrics are prone to tearing and stretching because of their delicate fibers. To help you lengthen the lifespan of your suits, we’ve listed fool-proof ways to take care of them.

Do not over clean

Some guys prefer to dry clean their suits weekly. Having it dry cleaned regularly will only wear out the fabric’s fibers and possibly fade the color. Dry cleaning once every six months is recommended according to Jolyon Bexon of Gieves and Hawkes tailoring house.

Have your suit altered by the original tailor

No one knows your suit more than the tailor himself. Do not bring your suit to a random alteration shop. Your tailor will know exactly what to do if you need some adjustments and will accept any of your special requests.

Use a steam iron for pressing

A traditional iron will easily burn the fibers on the fabric of your suit. Press your suit with a steam iron as it will help open up the fibers and remove different kinds of stains.

Use wooden hangers

Wooden hangers help your suit maintain its shape. Because of its thickness, a wooden hanger will fill out the shoulder nicely.

Use a clothes brush

Brush your suit at least once a month to remove accumulated dust and lint. It will also prevent stains and unwanted marks.

Give your suit some space

A packed wardrobe will make your suit prone to creases and folds. Leave at least an inch on both sides of the suit when hanging it. This will allow moisture to dissipate and prevent it from misshaping.

Let it rest

It is good to have at least five different suits in your wardrobe. A rotational method will help preserve the quality of your suits. Wear a suit no more than twice a week.

Spot clean

Michael from Martin Fisher Tailors recommends that you take a damp towel and carefully dab at the stain or spot. Avoid a wiping motion, only a twist and lift.

Do not overload the pockets

Avoid using the inside and outside pockets as they might split or tear the lining. Also, avoid resting your hands in the pockets to prevent losing the shape of the garment.

Roll it up when packing

During your travel, putting the shoulders together then rolling it will prevent harsh folds on the suit. Be sure that the lapels are lined up properly as you roll them. If you wish to carry the suit yourself, a suit cover is recommended.


Maintaining your tailored suit’s quality is not that hard to do. Once you follow these steps, it will take a long time before your suit starts to wear off and age. Buying a suit is already an investment, so you might as well invest for its maintenance and care too.

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