Are You Prepared to Pop the Question?

When thinking about popping the question, butterflies in the stomach is not uncommon.

With that being the case, can you do anything to make the engagement process a little easier on you?

For instance, how are you going about shopping for the ring in the first place? Among some areas to look at:

  • Are you leaning on family or friends to help you with ring advice?
  • Are you turning to the Internet to see which jewelers offer the best buys?
  • Are you planning on visiting many jewelers’ before taking your special woman shopping?

By educating yourself on rings, you will be better prepared when you actually buy it.

Should She Be Along for the Ride?

One of the more common questions guys debate, should she be along to pick out the engagement ring?

For some guys, they want to surprise their special woman with a ring. Others, meantime, would prefer she be there at the jewelry store or even online to select the ring she wants. Either way, it is important to think about such a matter ahead of time. In doing so, you will be better guided to making the right call.

If she does go with you to pick out her engagement ring, you should both discuss it ahead of time.

Whether she wants Morganite or another brand, talk about the ring-buying experience. One way to look at it is buying an engagement ring is a great opportunity for both of you to work together on a selection. Heck, there may even be some compromise involved.

Remember that you can still surprise her with the ring even if she sees what she will be getting. By picking the right time to spring the ring on her, you can have a memory for both of you to share for years to come.

Entering a New Phase of Life

Once you do in fact pop the big question, it is time to focus in on what comes next.

Being in a committed relationship will mean a myriad of things. Among them:

  • Deciding on where to live together as a couple if you are not already doing so.
  • The possibility of starting a family down the road.
  • Being there for one another during difficult times.

As you go from dating to official status of being together, always allow compromise.

Whether the subject is any of those mentioned or something else be willing to talk things out. In doing so, you can set the foundation for what could be many happy decades together.

Last, also keep in mind that becoming engaged means taking on more family members over time. As you come into each other’s families, reap the different rewards of such a move. Remember, you have other people now in your life to share great experiences with.

Getting engaged can be a nerve-wracking move for some people.

So that it is as relaxing as possible, remember that good planning works for all important events.



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