Bringing a Hint of Burlesque to Your Daily Look: The Ultimate Guide

Do you love the glamour and glitter of the Burlesque style, but know it’s just too over the top for your day to day look? We’ve put together some tips on how to break this style down and implement it into your own style without it being “over the top”.

Giving your hair the Burlesque touch

Truth be told, burlesque hair will not come easy. It takes a lot of effort to achieve them but the end results will be worth all you had to go through. You can get some inspiration from Burlesque movie stars and other performers. Long hair is the most difficult to be styled and you will have to make a few curses. You can make a choice for rollers, buns or the waves but be sure that it goes well with your hair and head shape.

Forget the trousers, skirts take dominance

This is a no-trouser zone. Not unless your target is the rakish-boy look. Fitting pencil skirts, and short for that matter, will be a desirable look. Elaborated skirts would also find a place here and not spoil anything for you. The thing here is finding what goes for you since the variety of choices will amaze you.

Picking the feather

For the show or dancing girl, the feather is a must-have. It is never a big deal to get one that will complete your looks. There is a wide range for your choices but ensure you are within the confines of your overall theme.

Pinning up with drop earrings

The Burlesque appearance is not worth the name without selectively chosen earrings. And what would be better than having the right kind of dropping earrings? Here are 2 unmatched pieces you should already have purchased;


1. Drop Earrings: it is a unique and stunning piece that will make necks turn. Its gold white hue gives it a pleasant appearance and can go along with most of your outfits. It is nickel-free and you can stop worrying about your hypoallergenic skin. Easy to blend and for you on-the go; this is one thing you cannot miss.

2. Divinity Pearl Drop Earring: the white crystal pearls should be the first attraction to the pieces. The cubic zirconia sparkles will even give you a more compelling reason to make this a must purchase. Once more, your skin’s needs come first as this is 100% nickel-free.


Adding on jewelleries and accessories

You are never complete in your looks without your jewelleries and accessories. Costume jewellery is the way to go for it never disappoint in make you look sharp and smart. Rhinestones such as ribbons and sequins should be on top of the list. Go easy with everything and as long as you feel confident don’t back.

Bringing in the high heels

You are not complete until you have your heels on. Go for the comfortable height that will not strain your feet. There is a range of these heels from high-end to lowly priced collections. Remember to add on classic tights or steamy stockings to show off your legs.

Quick tips to bring on Burlesque to your daily look

· The length of your hair will determine what style to go for. Real or false gemstones and flowers go a long way to make you a scene to behold.

· Always be unique: for a Burlesque girl you have a lot to choose from in terms of everything. If your theme is strawberry go for it and make everything surround that. For those who love a mixture it would be prudent that you cautiously choose your combinations such as colour and accessories.

· Do not leave out the jewellery twist: your favourite designer costume jewellery should have its rightful place. This is a complementary addition that goes a long way to make you unique and gorgeous.

· Do not overdo anything: always remain in your comfortable zone.

When it comes to versatility, nothing beats Burlesque outfits. It is everything about lingerie and being embellished. Now that you know how to get started, be bold and create a style that everyone would want to ape. Do not forget to have fun with everything that comes your way.


Article by April Marshall

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