Just like a car trip, Motorcycle trips require planning too. Even though riding offers a sense of freedom, possible limitations need motorcyclists to plan before riding tom an open road.

For beginners, most motorcycles don’t have adequate storage capacity. While some touring bikes have several hard cases for storing extra gear and clothes, motorcycle riders who ride long distance are forced to make hard decisions about their trips, and what they need to pack.

Points to Consider

First, know the number of days you plan to spend on tour and where you wish to go. Also, know the various motorcycle tours in South Africa and where you plan to stay. Next, get some repair and safety kit for your trip. These include:

  • Saddlebags or panniers, which lay on the side of the back wheel.
  • Tank bags, which rest directly on the fuel tank. They have functional clear windows for showing maps.
  • Hard bags, which provide weather protection. Although they are expensive and require an extensive installation.
  • Tail bags, which help provides more storage.

So, if you are riding a completely established touring motorcycle, you must invest in storage bags. A centrally placed tail bags is also a great option if you need large storage.

Inspect Your Bike

Even though comprehensive maintenance and inspection practices are found in a motorcycle maintenance area, using T-CLOCS (Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s system) is an effective way to examine your bike before you go on your trip in South Africa:

T – Tires

Ensure that all tires are inflated properly. Use an air pressure monitor and take it along with you on rides. Avoid riding on bad tires, if you feel that a tire will strong enough for a ride, change it.

C – Controls

Make sure you check your brakes, clutch, and controls before riding

L – Lights

Check your headlights brake lights, turn signals and ensure they work properly.

O – Oils and fluids

Examine your motorcycle’s coolant, engine oil, and brake fluid.

C – Chassis

Make sure that the chain, suspension, frame, and fasteners are all intact and secure.

S – Stands

Ensure the side stands and/or center stand isn’t bent or cracked. Also, make sure the springs hold the assembly properly and away from the pavement.

Packing the right way

Packing for the various motorcycle tours in South Africa is a refined balance between carrying items to ensure safety and comfort. After planning your route, check the weather forecast to know what to expect while riding.

A quality touring suit is a great investment, so when picking your clothes, pack clothing with thin layers, rather than a few thick clothes.

Finally, prepare for the best motorcycle tours in South Africa. Make sure you put on a protective full-face helmet. This will help protect you from accidents and other elements.

Full-face protective helmets can shield you from cold and rain winds. If it built with ventilation, it also offers a specific level of comfort in warm weather.

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