Everything You Need to Know about Claiming Compensation for Hair Damage

Taking care of your hair is natural and can be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. In fact, it’s such a part of personal care that often it’s taken for granted and not really considered a risky experience. However, accidents do happen – unfortunately, a visit to the hair salon can lead to damaged hair, burns, and other ailments or unwanted conditions. It’s a problem, one that isn’t talked about enough. Luckily there are laws in place that protect you from such occurrences – and if you have ever been in a situation where personal hair care took a turn for the worse and you’ve suffered an injury, you have right to compensation. Here’s everything you need to know about claiming compensation for hair damage.

Hair damage claim

It’s called a hair damage claim, but could involve injuries to other parts of the body, such as the scalp (due to burns or irritation). Hair damage (or other damage) is the result of an accident due to improper procedures at the hair salon. A hair damage claim is a personal injury claim that stems from having suffered injury at the hands of the hair salon. The accident is caused either through ignorance, negligence, or willful mistake. You are entitled to make a claim if the person causing the damage is ‘legally at fault.’

What are the symptoms and damages?

There are basically two types of damages and claims against hairdressers or hair salons you can file, based on the severity and nature of the accident and the injury.

  • Pain and suffering for hair and scalp injury. Damaged hair or pain and irritation on the scalp could be caused by heat, chemicals, malfunctioning equipment, or improper procedures. The type of damages you can claim will be determined through the opinion of a specialist and medical expert.

  • Financial losses and expenses. You can also be awarded damages if due to the injury you have been forced to spend money whilst seeking medical help, unexpected transportation, and so on.

The claims

The claims and financial compensation can vary, depending on the severity of the personal injury. However, temporary hair and scalp damage can lead to compensation anywhere between £1000 and £5700, whilst permanent damage could lead to £8000.

Here’s what is often ignored: if your hair or scalp has been damaged through no fault of your own, either through the use of the wrong chemicals, or malfunctioning equipment, or inadequate training, then you have the right to compensation. It’s not enough to grumble and vow never to return there again. It’s not enough to do nothing. Your hairdresser or barber is not excused for ignorance or professional negligence – they have certain standards to uphold. And the only way to ensure that unfortunate incidents don’t happen again is to act and seek compensation.

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