Finding Massage Deals Online

Whether it is for Valentine’s Day or another special occasion, a gift certificate for a massage makes for a thoughtful and romantic gift. Maybe you would like to treat yourself to a relaxing massage. But massages can be expensive. If you want to get the most massage for your hard-earned money, fortunately, there are deals to be found online.

Start with Simple Searches

If you are looking to give that special someone the spa experience, simply search for spa deals in your geographic area (or where the recipient lives if it differs). If you are looking for a specific massage therapist, you may want to use a legitimate source such as the American Massage Therapy Association. One each massage therapist’s profile page, it indicates whether or not they offer gift certificates. Keep in mind it can be more affordable to go through an individual therapist who may work out of their home, versus a big spa chain.

Round up the Review Sites

Not only are review sites like Yelp and Citysearch helpful in determining where the best massages in town are, sometimes the spa profile pages offer coupons that can be purchased online or have discount codes that you simply mention over the phone when booking the massage appointment.

Go Directly to the Spa’s Website

Sometimes, especially around the holidays, an individual spa will offer fantastic deals on massages and their other services. It’s worth exploring the spa’s website for any special package deals. You may find bundling services together is more cost-effective. If the spa offers an email newsletter, sign up for it, as that is another way to find out about discount offers.

Don’t Forget the Deal Sites

Deal Sites like Scoutmob, Groupon and Living Social often send out deals on massages. These daily deals can offer significant savings. Keep in mind that there are usually time limits and other restrictions on these deals, so make note of those before purchasing.

Love for the Locals

Check-in programs like Foursquare can alert you when your favorite spa is offering a deal. By liking a spa with a Foursquare profile, you will receive a heads-up about any specials they are offering. The more you check-in at the same spa, the more badges you can unlock, which can also offer tips on great deals.

Don’t be afraid to ask about locals-only deals at your favorite spa. This is especially true if you live in a large metropolis.

Skip the Big Chain Spas

If you are looking to get the most massage for your buck, you may want to focus on independent spas. They have more incentive to offer competitive prices to lure people away from the larger spas. Most of these smaller spas offer the same high-quality massages in a relaxing ambience.

Buy in Bulk

Like with many items, the more you buy, the more money you save. Many spas offer a series of massage sessions for a lower rate than if you purchase one massage at a time. If you know you love a particular spa, this may be the most cost-effective route to take. Make sure to find out if the massage sessions you buy have an expiration date or any other restrictions.

By spending a bit of time researching online, you can find the best deals on massages at your favorite spa. There’s nothing wrong with saving a little money, whether the massage is for yourself or is a gift for that special someone. With so many spas, there tends to be a great deal of competition which means there are plenty of discounts to be found. So, go find a great massage deal and get ready to relax.

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