German Glam: Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week Exceeds Expectations

TV & Radio Presenter Jennifer Su - Corporate MC for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

The Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Weeks never seem to disappoint. This year has been no different.

Step 1

It was Hien Le who kicked off the fashion week on Monday January 14th with a collection true to his iconic form. He generally prefers to work with a clean, sleek, simple style that focuses on a quality, quite synonymous with that of the recent unveiling on the Mercedes CLA Class.

Another very exciting show involved Lena Hoschek, who showcased a line that was heavily centred on accentuating the female form and like any other Mercedes Fashion Week, Berlin saw some spectacular concepts, once again exhibiting works from designers worldwide that will no doubt be finding their way onto magazine covers across the globe.

Name Brands

The beginning of the year always proves a fascinating time for fashion designers and although fashion weeks are dedicated to two seasons, these engineers of style are resolute in their wanting to get things started with a bang. The 2013 edition of the Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion week had some other talented designers who wowed everyone from industry authorities to those just lucky enough to get a seat in the venue. Shows by Patrick Mohr, Nomi by Naomi, Sebastian Ellrich, Dawid Tomaszeski, Sissi Goetze and a whole host more made the event one to remember.

Wacky Women

Mercedes-Benz must once again be commended on its consistent commitment to exposing designers from all over the world to individual fashion scenes – the Berlin one in this instance. This was exemplified in the case where Romanian designer, Stephan Pelger closed out the opening day of the show by exhibited his latest line named IconIrony. The collection was exclusively dedicated to women and it had an emphasis on distinctive style, with a prominent cheekiness, clearly communicating the point that they don’t feel they have to take themselves too seriously. With a predominant gray scale base, Stephan infused deep reds and several other colours into his works, ensuring a certain sultriness prevailed throughout.

Autumn Day Dream

Another quite enthralling collection that took place during the week was that of Michael Sontag. Each piece was just as dream-like as the next. The garments appeared to float around each model as they traversed the platform and with the dresses featuring monotone corals, grays and blacks it was Sontag’s boots that really made the statement. He also used rich red velvet coats and various other striking accessories to complete the look. The hair, much like the dresses was left to comfortably follow the movement of the model and make-up stuck quite closely to delicately blushed cheeks and red lips, creating a sense of that Autumn nip in the air.

All in all the week went down a treat, just going to show how Berlin fashion continues to go from strength to strength. The next Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is in New York from 7th to the 14th of February.

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