How To Look Great All The Way Through Your Pregnancy

Throughout a pregnancy your body shape will change at a relatively rapid rate. Your new expanding shape can feel strange and, for some women, awkward, so it is important to invest time and budget into clothes. Dressing well during pregnancy can make you feel comfortable, proud of your bump, confident and ready to tackle the emotional challenges pregnancy inevitably brings.
Take a look at some of the ways you can look great at every stage of your pregnancy.
First trimester
The biggest change you may find during the first three months of pregnancy could be your expanding bust line. It is worth buying a few well-fitting bras to ensure you are adequately supported. They don’t necessarily need to be maternity bras as you won’t be breast-feeding your baby for a few months, but a well-fitting, comfortable bra will ensure you are well supported. Some experts’ advice that bras worn during pregnancy should not be under-wired bras as the wire can block milk ducts, although this is by no means medically proven or conclusive.
Second trimester
The second trimester is when your waistline begins to expand fairly rapidly and you may need to buy some maternity clothes. Investing in some key pieces such as an outfit for work, a pair of jeans, a dress and some tops, will help your wardrobe work for your remaining six months of pregnancy. It is often better to invest in a few quality and more expensive items rather than opting for higher quantities of cheaper clothing, as it is likely that you will wear the clothes quite a lot, so quality is important.
You can also buy special adapter belts that hook onto the button of your non-maternity jeans and trousers, although you will need to wear a long top to cover the open zip.
Third trimester
Your waistline may expand further than you anticipated so in the last few months of your pregnancy you may need to buy a few extra pieces. A pair of roomy trousers and a few tops should see you through the last stages. You will also need to consider what you might want to wear during labour such as a large t-shirt or nightwear. Clothing that is convenient for breast-feeding should be a consideration at this stage too.
While pregnancy may not be the most glamorous stage of your fashion life, it is important to consider what you wear. The right choice of clothes can ensure you look great and feel comfortable all the way through your pregnancy.

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