Hottest apps for scarf lovers

Over centuries the scarf has evolved from a practical garment to a fashion accessory used as much to compliment an outfit as to stay warm. The modern scarf is truly a versatile item, as evidenced by the fact that people can’t seem to break them out quick enough at the onset of the fall season. And the popularity of these accessories means there are more options and designs than ever before. Scarves come in all styles and colors, from bright crochets to leopard-print chiffon. There are scarves that border on shawls and even scarves that cover so much area around the head that they are called “snoods.”

So how does the modern scarf aficionado go about making the perfect selection to round out his or her winter wardrobe? Believe it or not there are a few apps that specialize in putting the right scarf into the hands of the right owner.

Scraf Fashion Designer –

This is more of a functional app that helps people find their scarf-fashion passion. The app provides illustrative step-by-step guides on how to tie 50 different scarf knots. It covers everything from classic neck scarves to head and waist scarves. The app even covers scarf bags as well as scarf blouses.

Fall Scarf Fashion –

This free app not only provides video tips on scarf-wearing ideas, but it also has photos of all the latest scarf fashions.

The Scarf Magician

This mobile application focuses on teaching people how to transform any look with scarf ties. The app’s multiple video tutorials describe in detail how to add flare to simple looks, update older looks, develop signature looks and transition from business looks to casual – all with scarves! –

While this is certainly a general fashion app, it also keeps fashionistas informed of the hottest fall/winter trends from around the world, and that includes scarves. Those who download this free application get a front-row seat to everything going on in the world of fashion, from Milan and Paris to London and New York.

Trendabl –

Those interested in both scarves and social networking can download Trendabl, an app that allows users to post photos and view others’ (even celebs) outfit photos. It’s a great way to stay on top of current trends and get practical info on outfits such as price point and availability.

Go Try it on –

Another app geared towards the social. It allows users to upload photos and get instant feedback and opinions from other users throughout the world. People can try on various scarves right in the store and see immediately whether their fashion instincts are spot on or in need of adjustment.

With even just one or two of these apps on a mobile device, the scarf lover should have no problems accessing vital information regarding the hottest styles from all over the world. Not only that, with the amount of video tutorials available in many of these apps, it’s possible to discover new ways to use scarves that may take an outfit to the next level.

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