Identifying Fake Sunglasses When Buying Online

Authentic sunglasses cost a lot. They look great though and they are designed to last for a long time. If you plan to buy from a local store, it would be easy for you to spot which of the items sold are authentic and which are not. After all, you just have to take a look at the sunglasses, hold them and you will easily know. Also, there are authorised retailers for authentic sunglasses. If you find them not placed in that section, you might start to be suspicious.

The problem though is if you buy these sunglasses online. You can’t touch them or spot the differences easily. There are a few ways for you to know if you are choosing the best authentic sunglasses or not.

Extremely low prices

It is normal to see sunglasses tagged at a lower price in some stores. They might have a clearance sale or other promotions to entice people to buy. However, if the price is extremely low, you need to start questioning it. There is a reason why it is that low and it is because you are getting a fake pair of sunglasses. They are cheap knock-offs and you will definitely regret buying them. The moment you see these prices that are really low, close the browser tab and leave.

Zoom the image

Usually, online stores provide images of the items that they are selling. After all, this is the only way for them to convince people to buy their products. Most of the stores take an actual photo of the product from different angles using high quality cameras. Then, it is easy for you to zoom in and see the products up close. If the high quality images are not available, perhaps they don’t sell authentic sunglasses. If the images are available for zooming, you can identify the spots that will tell you that the item is not authentic.

They should come with a warranty

Whether you are buying Ray-Ban sunglasses or other brands, it is important that you check whether or not they come with a warranty. It will give you more confidence that if something goes wrong with what you have ordered, you can just return it. This is how it works for most authentic sunglasses. However, if they tell you that there is no warranty for the product, it is definitely a knock-off. You have to reject the offer no matter how affordable it is.

In short, you are still protected even if you decide to buy these sunglasses online. With an authentic online retail store by your side, you have nothing to worry about.

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