Man to Gentleman: 4 Style Accessories to Help You Dress Smarter

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It is not too difficult to dress smartly if you can incorporate the right accessories into your wardrobe. Here are 4 essential style accessories that will help you become a smart dresser.

1. Scarf


If you have to pick one piece of clothing whose addition will instantly make you look like a snappy dresser, it would have to be the scarf. Whether you include a scarf in your outfit for function or for flair, it immediately lends an air of class. The scarf has been a part of the male wardrobe for thousands of years and anyone who tells you that a scarf isn’t manly probably does not know much about style or fashion (we are talking about the kind of people who wear a denim shirt with a pair of jeans and complete the ensemble with a denim jacket). A wool or cashmere scarf helps you beat the winter blues and, if worn in the right way, can protect you quite well from the nasty wind chill. In the summer and spring, trade in the cashmere for a silk scarf. A silk scarf may not be much in terms of functionality, but it lends an elegant grace to your outfit and allows you to experiment with bold colours.

2. Cufflinks

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When you buy a new shirt with French cuffs, they are usually equipped with silk knots (although they’re not usually made of silk anymore). Although silk knots are fine for everyday use, they are too simple and don’t do much for your outfit. It is a much better option to replace the silk knots with proper torpedo, bar or chain-link cufflinks. Usually, a good pair of cufflinks can be paired with any shirt or suit in your wardrobe. Cufflinks are a great way to represent your personality through your clothing. Have a favourite football club? Chances are the store for the football club carry cufflinks in the shape of the club’s crest.

3. Pocket Square

Contrary to popular belief, pocket squares are not for squares. It is perfectly acceptable, in fact encouraged, to sport a pocket square with a well-tailored suit. The key is to experiment with the pocket square so that you get the right look. A pocket square can have a puff, point, square or multi-point fold, with each better suited to a particular type of occasion or suit. The key to successfully pulling off the pocket square lies in picking the right colour. Usually, it is best to adopt a secondary tone from your outfit as the colour for your pocket square; when in doubt, try out a pocket square that is the same colour as your shirt or necktie. Also, pay special attention to the amount of cloth that sticks out from the top of the pocket; too little and it’s not a proper pocket square, too much and it’s just going to flop down.

4. Tie Pins/Clips/Bars


Love wearing skinny ties but find it very annoying when they dangle too much? Then the tiepin is the perfect solution for your problems. Although they can be worn with regular ties to hold them in place, they are best paired with skinny European ties. Whether you opt for a pin, clip or bar really depends upon the material of the tie. While a tie clip is fine for a wool tie, the teeth on the tie clip are bad news for your silk ties; a tie bar would be more appropriate for silk ties.

Incorporate these 4 items in your wardrobe and soak up the compliments that you will inevitably receive for being a smart dresser.

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