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How to Wow the Family

Gift-giving is a part of most cultures and American culture is no exception. Gift come to mind for most of us on a fairly frequent basis; there are birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays and other special occasions and for each, a gift is customary. Sometimes finding the right gift is a challenge, particularly when the person you are shopping for is an older family member that has everything they could want or has proven to be difficult to shop for in the past. By the time a person reaches a certain age it is fairly safe to assume they have everything that they need and in many cases, appear to also have everything they want. So what do you give someone in this situation to make them feel appreciated or special? One thing that older people of any walk of life treasure is memories. Picture puzzles make fantastic gifts as the combine treasured memories with an engaging activity that can be shared with anyone. Make a photo puzzle for your loved one and watch their face light up with genuine surprise and joy.

Choosing a Photo

The picture you choose to take from photo to puzzle should be one you know will have sentimental value to the person you are gifting. Most of your relatives are not going to be excited by a pretty picture of flowers made into a puzzle. They are going to want something that excites them or perhaps captures a memory they treasure. You might choose to simply use a family photo, a picture of the children or maybe even a favorite pet. Make sure the photo you choose is of good quality and a reasonably large size so that when printed as a puzzle, it will look crisp, clean and clear.

Picture Puzzle Maker

The simplest way to transform your selected photo into a puzzle is to go online and find a picture puzzle maker. There are several excellent companies online that offer this service. Typically, you have the choice of several different products and puzzle types. After selecting a product you then upload your photo, provide address information and checkout. A few days later you will be holding in your hands a one-of a kind, custom puzzle that is going to make someone’s whole day.

Think Outside the Box

Don’t limit yourself to birthdays, Christmas or other major holidays. Puzzle pictures are inexpensive but uniquely personal gifts that really demonstrate your connection to your family. Many companies that offer them also offer other novelty items designed to incorporate photos, such as playing cards. The beauty of these gifts is that they are completely customizable so that their inherent value is in what they represent to a person. Chances are good that an older loved one will appreciate a sentimental gift that demonstrates your understanding of who they are and what they love far more than an expensive gadget or piece of jewelry. Make a photo puzzle for your relatives for this year’s special occasion and let them know just how much they mean to you.

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