Rethink Your Drink

Rushed mornings, hard workouts, long office hours—those types of days happen. It’s probably easier for you to grab a sugary drink or a cup of coffee to give your body a boost of energy. But those sugary beverages or two cups of coffee are only going to last for a short amount of time. Think about this for a second. What if you could have an energy drink that only has the purest ingredients, energizes you longer, and is healthier for you? Would you drink it? If your answer was yes, then know that LifeVantage created a smart energy drink called Axio that will replace what you are doing now.

It’s All About the Brain

Your brain is your body’s control tower. It knows when you have energy and when your body needs to take a break. LifeVantage recognizes your brain’s functionality and unlike sugary drinks and other concentrates, created Axio to improve and maintain your brain’s performance. Take a look at some of the benefits of using Axio:

-Mental endurance
-Memory Retention
-Enhancing Neurotransmitter function
-Improving the brain’s resiliency
-Increase in mental energy to improve mood
-Significantly decreases brain fog

Does your sugary beverage or cup of coffee do any of those things? Axio’s improvement of your overall brain function is key to increasing your energy levels and your endurance.

What’s in this Stuff?

You care about your body and what goes in it, therefore, ingredients are essential. Axio has two types of brain performance blends, regular and decaffeinated. Axio only uses the rawest form of caffeine and is a great alternative to that morning cup of coffee because it lasts throughout the day. Both drinks come in two flavors—dragon fruit and green grape.

Like you, LifeVantage cares about what goes inside of the human body, after all, they are brain aficionados. Their Axio drinks are low carb and low calorie, and none of them contain:

-Artifical colors, flavors, or sweetners
-Added sugars
-Make the Switch

It is hard to change something you have been used to a long time. However, sometimes change is just what your body needs to function well.

Now that you have read the advantages of Axio by LifeVantage, its time to make the switch. Long gone are the days of sluggish mornings and wanting to take a nap after every workout. Put the coffee and soda down and replace it with Axio.

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