Sending Out Christmas Cards – Some Clever Tips to Keep in Mind

While these days it is possible to send a Christmas greeting with the touch of a button, it seems more meaningful than ever to take the time to write out an actual physical card and send it. When you send out Christmas cards to your friends and family members it shows that you care about them and were thinking of them during the holiday season.

Sending out Christmas cards is also a great idea for a small business or company. If you can send out beautiful and thoughtful cards to your clients and customers this will create a great impression of your brand, help you build a strong relationship and keep your name at the forefront of their minds. Sending a card via email is impersonal and can be mistaken for spam. When you take the time to send your customers and clients a personalised card they will feel like you value them and they will keep on coming back again and again.

Here are some important tips that you can keep in mind when it comes to sending out Christmas cards.

Take the Time to Write a Message

You are taking the time to send actual cards, so don’t simply print out the same card and send it to everyone with a boilerplate message. Instead, take a couple minutes for each and write a short personal message for everyone. They don’t have to be long, but even a few sentences will be very meaningful.

Use a Postcode Lookup

If you know the street and the house number where your friend lives but you don’t know their postcode, you can still send them a Christmas card without having to ask them and ruin the surprise. You can use a postcode lookup service that will allow you to look up the postcode and find the rest of the address. There are a lot of great postcode finder services online that are easy to use.

Get Them in the Mail Early

The postal service is very busy during the holidays, so make sure that you leave a lot of time for your cards to be delivered by getting them in the mail as early as possible. If they are received after New Years they will lose their impact and be less meaningful. However, if for some reason they are delayed it is still better late than never. Your cards will brighten up the January blues and be a welcome change from the large credit card bills that everyone will be receiving.

Include Your Return Address

Whether you are sending out Christmas cards on behalf of your business or to your friends and family, don’t forget to include your return address. When the recipient gets the card they will be able to know it is you and they can contact you back if they want to.

You Don’t Have to Lick The Envelopes

Licking a stack of envelopes will leave you with a raw tongue and a terrible gluey taste in your mouth, so it’s worth getting an envelope seal from an office supply store. Or, even just a little bit of water in a cup with a small paint brush will do the same job. When it comes to stamps you can get the sticker style ones so that you don’t have to lick them either.

Make the Process Fun

You don’t have to feel like you are in a sweat shop as you address and seal a huge pile of cards. Make the process enjoyable by putting on the radio, your favourite TV show or movie or an interesting podcast to listen to while you make the cards. You can snack on some cookies and hot chocolate or even a glass of wine. You could also invite friends over and make Christmas cards together, turning this tradition into a fun social event.

Sending out Christmas cards is a great way to connect with people on a personal level and truly make their Christmas special. It may take a little longer than sending out online greetings, but there is nothing quite like the thrill of receiving a handwritten message in the mail these days. Take your time and enjoy the process of mailing out Christmas cards so that you can carry on this thoughtful tradition.

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