Plus Size Dresses And The Different Looks For The Plus Size Girls

The plus size girl is even unique. Every body shape is different. Some have healthier upper body and smaller lower body; some have longer legs, some shorter. There’s no such thing as a dress that fits everyone equally nor are there jackets or tops or skirts suited to every figure.

Plus size dresses tend to be suited to the plus sized girls, who want to make the most of her figure. Hourglass shaped ladies or girls, who have a healthier upper or lower body, can lengthen their whole body shape simply by putting on the right dress, which will cling to those bits she wants to accentuate and hang loosely over the bits she doesn’t.

The natural result of wearing a garment designed to outline the upper and lower body without clinging to the midriff is a full and proportioned shape, in which thighs, backsides, shoulders and chests are more prominently displayed. Adding a platform or heeled shoe to this kind of dress, then, can further lengthen the leg, creating a classical silhouette that wouldn’t look out of place on a Greek pedestal.

Plus size dresses might be further accessorised to complete a variety of different looks. For a professional, understated or demure look, a simple jacket is used to detract attention from any specific part of the body. The silhouette remains but the visual impact of the garment is changed.

For completely casual wear, plus size dresses might be matched with flats. This look is ideal for daily business wear in many office positions and might equally be sported at home or on a casual lunch date or a relaxed evening out.

To ramp up the formality factor, simply add stockings or tights to the equation. Flats might still be worn with tights, depending on the location in which the outfit is worn and the general tenor of the evening or the event.

It is not necessary, in modern eyes, to accessorise the full dress with much in the way of jewellery unless a fully formal event is being attended, in which case, a necklace and bracelet will complement the look very nicely. Here, substitute a shawl or pashmina for the jacket to complete an elegant appearance.

Stylised costume jewellery might also be worn with full sized dresses, depending on the personality and look of the wearer. Boho and hippie jewellery are both suited to this kind of look – wooden necklaces, multiple necklaces and plenty of bangles, preferably matched with flip-flops or sandals.

The dress can be the cornerstone of a number of successful looks, both formal and fashionable. From casual and relaxed through to fully dressed up, it’s even possible (provided the cut and colour are right) to wear the exact same dress just with different surrounding items and accessories setting it off in different ways.

There is one type of plus sized dress where this isn’t possible and that’s the dual fabric dress. Here, a sheer layer of fabric is used over the standard fabric to create a look that might only be used on formal or semi-formal occasions.

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