Skateboarder’s Style – Fashion Statement

Skateboarding can be a casual means of travel, a fun hobby or an extreme sport, depending upon the rider.  No matter who’s riding though, skateboard fashion has a huge popular culture following.  One of the great things about this free-spirit style is that is has no set rules or looks.  All that’s needed is a sense of who you are and what you want to communicate.  It is a great way to express yourself freely and with abandon.

Crew neck t-shirts by skate or surf brands are popular.  Many skaters like the more obscure or newer companies because they have cutting-edge style and want to be the first to wear a brand.   Sweatshirts or “hoodies” are also popular, along with button down flannels and windbreaker style jackets.  Old school Hawaiian shirts have even made a comeback and have been seen at the skate park.

Skaters wear both pants and shorts, depending upon the level of skating they plan on doing and the weather.  Pants range from denim to heavy cotton, flat front pants in navy, khaki and black.  Slimmer styles have replaced the baggy look and rolled pant bottoms show off the skaters’ colorful printed socks.

An essential accessory for every skater is the backpack.  Many of the packs have a compartment for the skateboard, which is handy when you plan on traveling.  They are also great for carrying water, a skateboard tool and extra parts.  Other accessories that are seen from the skate park to the street are knit beanies and trucker-style baseball caps.  Beanies are warm in the winter, but many skaters wear them all year round.  The caps are cooler in the summer and are great for shielding the skater’s eyes from the sun.

There are number of skateboarders who have had a huge impact with their fashion style.  Many have gone on to create their own brands (example: Spruce T-shirts) or represent existing brands as sponsored riders.  Skateboard clothing can be found in a number of locations, from online skate/surf sites to department stores and skate/surf shops.  Whatever your level of interest in skater style, all you need to do to create the look is grab a t-shirt, a pair of pants, some type of hat, mix it all together and then wear it like you mean it.  Skateboarding is not just a sport it has become a way of life for many and the trends indicate that the popularity of skateboarding is only going to go up.

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