Top 5 Baby Fashion Trends

If you are a stylish mum or dad, no doubt that you will want your child to look stylish as well. Even newborns and toddlers can be trendy. Children’s apparel is no longer simple and basic. The fashion has evolved to styles that imitate those of adults. Here are the latest fashion trends for your little man or girl.

Lulla Doll

This is an unusual gift that you might not have heard of before. However, most children appreciate it and it is slowly becoming one of the best selling items for parents with children. The main objective of the Lulla doll is to encourage the child to sleep better by stabilizing their breathing and heartbeat. This results in babies sleeping longer and better.

The doll is soft and machine washable. It also has a gender neutral face, since most babies like to look at faces. This can be your child’s sleep companion, as it helps children to fall asleep faster by imitating the closeness and breathing and heartbeat of a mother at rest.


Booties have evolved from being made out of clothes to shoes that look more like grown up shoes. Some of the latest designs include boots. You can even find boots that have flower designs on them or plain ones that are hard and sturdy. These provide ample support for your toddler, who has already learned how to walk.

When your child has still not yet learned how to walk, they need to wear shoes that have soft or rubber soles. This gives room for their feet muscles to grow and develop. At this point, they do not need something that is hard and stiff. But once they start toddling about and going outside, they will need more than socks. Get them some shoes, so as to protect their feet. Choose shoes that are flexible and can bend easily.

Trendy clothing

Rompers, jumpsuits and onesies are staples when it comes to infant wear. This is because children are very comfortable in them as they are practical and children can move around in them quite easily.

This apparel is available in different fun designs and some Funky newborn baby clothes have fun sayings written on them. Some of them even have superhero figures. The beauty of these designs is that while they are quite trendy, they are also simple and can be easily taken off when you want to do a diaper change. They are available in different colors.

Bub’s unisex clothing in Australia is good quality and can be passed down from one child to another one. This makes them a good long term investment, which is good, if you are planning to have more children.

Diaper backpacks

These are stylish, as well as functional. They can be used y both moms and dads. They are quite helpful when it comes to carrying items for your newborn. With a backpack, you will no longer have to balance your child in one hand and a bag on another shoulder.

These bags are spacious and have compartments, making it easier for you to store and compartmentalize items.


Beanies help to keep your infant warm and cozy all day long. It can be quite helpful when it is very cold or during winter. These accessories trap heat on the body and prevent the child from losing body heat through their heads.

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