Top 7 Maternity Fashion Trends

Aren’t you lucky to be pregnant in this era! With a little bit of effort you’ll have access to maternity styles that reflect your usual taste in fashion. Here’s some Maternity style 101 tips to help you from losing your sense of style and from losing your mind during your pregnancy. While it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, looking good while you’re pregnant is achievable while on a budget, the key is choosing your pieces carefully. Fast fashion on-the-cheap will leave you frustrated and spending beyond your maternity budget.


You can easily find chic and glamorous maternity clothes wherever you are.  There are a lot of online stores that carry a number of beautiful clothes for the expectant mom.  All you have to do is use the following search string on your search engine, for example, if you are in Canada – “maternity dresses Toronto” or “maternity clothes Toronto”.  You will surely find your go-to-store that will cater to most of your needs.


There are also plenty of style tips.  We have compiled this list of the top fashionable maternity clothes.

  1. Maternity Dresses

They made dressing in the morning easy, and continue to do so when you’re expecting. Dresses offer a complete look when you don’t have time to contemplate the outfit for the day.What’s best is the array of dress styles now available for expecting women. Like it tight and minimizing? The bodycon dress is a definite favorite for many women. As the belly grows, this style dress clearly shows that she’s maintained the rest of her figure. Small prints tend to hide imperfections on a body, otherwise revealed in solid coloured bodycon dresses. If the thought of a bodycon dress has you running for cover, straighter cuts and the most forgiving A-line shaped dresses are a safe bet. You may want to stock your limited maternity wardrobe with a bit of both, to better accommodate more conservative styles for work, but don’t forget that sexy little black dress for date nights!

  1. Maternity Tops


The selection in maternity topshas never been better. Stock your wardrobe with quality basics that can be dressed down and appropriate for work. Fabric technology in higher quality brands offer curve-hugging fits that will last throught the pregnancy and will look as good as they did, the day you bought them. Have fun with European influenced styles, or the latest trends visible from the streets of L.A. Love your cozy winter sweaters, a beautiful array of designs are plentiful, you just need to find the store that caters to your taste.


An important consideration in buying maternity tops: is it functional for nursing later? While not all your tops should have this feature, many are designed with this need in mind. The trick is to find tops you’ll love and wear well after pregnancy!

  1. Maternity Jeans


Suddenly a grimacing thought enters your mind: I have to give up my favorite jeans! So not true! Whether you have several designer pairs, or just one you sport on weekends, carefully choose the right maternity jean as you may decide to only buy one or two. There are beautifully crafted designer jeggings from brands that use the same superior denim in their maternity jeggings. While they may be pricey, they are to almost “die-for”. Don’t despair, brand name maternity designers know how important a well-crafted maternity jean is, and they offer chic maternity options, complete with distressing if you dare. That’s only have the story. The next equally important consideration is whether to purchase jeans that have an “over-the-belly” banding or one that intentionally sits below the belly with elasticized inserts in the front pockets. Both styles offer tremendous room for growth, so it comes down to personal preference. Keep in mind, what worked well for your girl friends may not work for you. So sample both styles during your assessment

  1. Maternity Pants and Leggings


If they’re not comfortable then you’re not likely to wear them. Tight jeans and pants, also known as maternity jeggings and skinny pants are certainly safe to wear while you’re pregnant, despite what your Aunt or mother-in-law might say. As you try on the variety of these maternity pants, you’ll want to assess room for future growth, through the belly, along your back side and down the leg. A good size test is to see if you can slid your arm down the inside of these pants. The key here, as with any maternity purchase is comfort, tailored fit, and room for growth. While you might believe disposably priced maternity clothes are the way to go, you’ll learn in the long run that they are neither comfortable, nor help you look good, and cheaply made bottoms often fall off as you move around. Better to buy quality pants and jeans that you’ll feel comfortable in, offer room for growth, and most importantly help you look great….you may end up buying them later and toss out the cheaper variety. Not exactly a great way to stay within your maternity clothes budget.

  1. Maternity Coats


The days are getting shorter and the mornings are much cooler, you can feel the signs that winter is just around the corner. This begs the question: Do I need a maternity coat? What are the alternatives? Without dwelling on the medical reason: your body will rob you of heat to protect your unborn baby! Many coats are now designed with removable panels that allow you to wear the coat when you’re not pregnant too, or to use the panel to enclose the baby if you decide to take her or him out in a harness

  1. Accessorize-it!


Keep true to your style during your pregnancy! It is the sure way to keep you feeling like your old-self as your body expands. Now more than ever, your favorite accessories need to be worked into your new wardrobe, to make it your custom look. Belts are a great way to cinch in the waist of looser cut maternity tops and dresses. Your favorite statement necklaces will jazz up any maternity outfit. And let’s not forget your favorite shoes and boots. While you may need to limit the use of your Louboutin stilettos for special occasions, wear your favorites throughout your pregnancy. Again, your mother-in-law may have a different opinion about heel height and pregnancy. The truth is if they are still comfortable then feel free to wear them! Just be careful not to trip and if your back starts to hurt, then your heels may be the culprit as they can throw-off your center of gravity as the added exterior weight pulls on your spine in an unnatural way.


Feeling better, now that you have been informed about shopping for maternity apparel? Well you should! Remember, you WILL buy maternity clothes, even if you try to just up-size regular wear (Beware: this only works for the first couple of months, then you have to buy again – not a wise way to budget for a maternity wardrobe).


A little talked about fact: you’ll wear your maternity clothes for several months after delivery, so the life span of your maternity clothes can easily take you through twelve months or more. Chic, great fitting, comfortable maternity clothing will do a lot to boost your confidence during your pregnancy. So be smart and spend wisely, and when you need a pick-me-upper spoil yourself with something new. You’ll be wearing these clothes repeatedly, more than you would have your regular clothes, so make sure you like what you see in the mirror.


You’ll have many opportunities to put your family first. For now, consider putting yourself first! Wishing you and your growing family the very best J





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