Top Fashion Tips for Females For the Spring Season

Depending on which part of the world you are living in, the common phenomenon is that the winters are slowly going and the spring is upon us. Usually the change of this season brings in the most drastic of all fashion transformation. The layers go off and the colors come in. more importantly, in three more months, the summer season will start. This spring interlude will allow you to be more experimental and set on a style that you wish to carry on for the summers. The following lines provide some spring fashion tips which can also prepare a nice base for a style that you can carry on for the rest of the year.

As the spring fashion is better enjoyed by the females, the thing to experiment is a combination of fun and chic with a bit of flirty mixed in it. One option which includes all the three is spring dresses. Perfect ensemble for the season. The best part is that all fashion stores and shops are going to feature them in a few weeks. Inspired by the sixties and even early fifties, you can try new designs or vintage ones depending on your taste and budget. The things to look for are belts, buttons, flowing cloth and ruffles if present in the right amount.

In middle of April and start of May, start using sandals and chunky shoes. These go quite well with the spring dresses but do match them well or otherwise a wrong combination can look extremely tacky. However, if you can pull it off then you can start your own trend. The thing about fashion is that confidence is always going to be the decider.

Once the winter starts fading, go for white. Do be aware that white looks good on very few complexions but that is why it is good to mix a little bit of grey in there too. Middle aged ladies should go for accessories that are white instead of the clothes. This brings in more grace instead of the effeminate feel. Some novices make the mistake of going for too much white in the sense that they go for white everything. Don’t make this mistake.

If more accessories are your thing then chunk necklaces are also admired. The thing to remember when going for these necklaces is that choose bright colors and wooden items here. Using them in spring and continuing till the early summer months can be perfect. Another mark of late spring and summer are the skirts and some of the best options that will be worn now are tulip and line. Females blessed with larger hips can choose from a range of A-line skirts that will be a rage in few weeks. The thing to take care of here is the belting and the length of the skirt.

For those who can handle the sizes, bigger handbags (bigger than last year) are being churned out and can be tried. Make sure not to hurt the back while going for them and always make sure that the bag is balanced well with the clothes that are going to be worn. The last tip of the list is regarding tops. The options include the ones which are waist gathering, with belts, cinching and one with ruffles. These are going to look great with skirts, loose fit trouser pants and jeans. Working women can run these with pants too.

Although these tips might not look like they are going to affect too much but when you are progressing from one season to another, avoid overdoing this and always go for subtlety.

Krystal Wilson is a fashion enthusiast and a freelancer whose articles on fashion tips appear in blogs, websites and even few magazines. She specializes in women’s clothing for all seasons and She Handles Elegant design of AG clothing and has written many articles and topics on the same subject.

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