Top Five Looks For Men

Men look great in many things; their simple, muscular form makes it impossible not to look effortlessly brilliant. Sometimes… No one looks that great in a Hawaiian shirt or a stained wife-beater vest. But there a few looks that it would be hard for any man not to look brilliant in.
Dark blue jeans and white t shirt  
Lights against darks is always a knock out. Even more so when they’re on a muscular man as the white highlights  the muscles and gives his skin tone a boost. Dark jeans makes the whole thing look smarter whereas stone wash can make someone look too young when paired with a light coloured t shirt.
Cowboy shirts
These shirts stay in fashion season after season. They can be layered over t shirts or under jumpers and jackets and are a great casual look for the pub but one that is still smart enough to be worn out for a meal or to meet the parents. Every high street men store will have a few of these in stock simply because they’re such a wardrobe staple and so easy to wear.
A suit
A man in a suit means someone with power, a gentleman, someone who can take care of things. It’s James Bond in a nutshell and girls go wild for a man in a suit. A well cut suit can say a million things for you without you even having to open your mouth and will be an investment for every event including business meetings, weddings and race days.
Board shorts
A much better option than your more European favoured nut huggers.  They’re cool as they come and make girls think you’d be handy with a surf board even if this isn’t the case. Obviously these are strictly for holidays but they’re perfect from going from the pool to the café as they can go with any top and flip flops and require no effort whatsoever. Probably best to stick with the plainer options and nothing light coloured rather than the crazier patterns but seeing as most of the time they will be worn alone it doesn’t matter so much what they clash with.
A big hoody/jumper
They look so comfortable and snuggly and have the great benefit of being perfect for your lady to wear as a dress by the fire on cold nights. These can be paired with anything and is a great, laid back look for the more chilled out and active man more suited to the doing the big shop and some mountain biking at the weekend than hanging out in bars.

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