Wedding Preparation: Dos and Don’ts for Guests

You’ve just been invited to a wedding, one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life. And as much as it’s their day, it’s also your day, to partake in it with the wedding couple. As you will be participating in a wedding as a guest, certain rules and preparations will have to be applied. But as with any social occasion, it’s a party only if everyone’s having fun. Here are a few tips to consider when being invited to take part in another person’s milestone.


Dress your best

Some have ditched the idea of traditional weddings and have opted to instead get personal and creative with the most important day in their lives. More and more weddings have become themed weddings. From country-themed weddings to movie-themed weddings, there are no boundaries when it comes to what the bride and groom might want. For this, prepare yourself not just by dressing your best but by also considering what you need to prepare. Whether it be a wacky shade of lipstick, experiment with fashion forward nail styles from Christian Siriano – press-on nails, or a completely unorthodox dress code, a wedding is a roller coaster ride that the couple has invited you to take with them.


Be part of the moment

Honestly, weddings can get pretty boring when you’ve attended over a dozen of them as you grow up. But remember that every wedding is the couple’s first, when it comes to being the ones parading to the altar. Show enthusiasm in every moment of the wedding, from the exchange of vows to the drinking of toasts to the slicing of the cake. Act as if this is your first wedding and show enthusiasm for the bride and groom, and be grateful for being present for a once in a lifetime union. Be enthusiastic and show your best even in times of distress, as mistakes can always happen even on a couple’s special day, be open to looking at the best in the situation even when things might not go as planned.


You’re not the star of the party, but you can help it shine

Remember that it’s not your special day, but it is a special day nonetheless. Whether you’re there as simply a guest or as one of the bridesmaids, don’t forget that this is someone else’s special day, and it’s your job in being invited to make sure that you do what you can to make sure that everything goes well. Don’t steal the scene from the couple, but make this special day one for the books by mentioning good memories that you had with the couple and congratulating them on a new and thrilling part of their lives together as one.



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