What Are the Most Common Types of Hair Dye And Bleaching Injuries?

For most people a trip to the hairdressers is a pleasurable one. You relax in a comfortable salon for a while and exit with better hair. You can’t wait to show off your new look. But for some people, this salon trip becomes a nightmare. Hair dye and bleach are powerful chemicals and many procedures in the beauty salon are potentially dangerous. What happens if your hair is damaged during a dye or bleaching procedure? What can you do legally to recover damages from these injuries?



Potential Problems in the Hair Salon

It may surprise you to learn that hairdressing remains unregulated, which means that anyone can be a hairdresser and offer their hair services to the public. While most hairdressers are good at what they do, there are hairdressers out there who are not properly trained or are simply very bad at hairdressing tasks.


  1. Bald Patches

Bald patches on the head are caused by hair loss due to damaged hair and they may be temporary or permanent depending on the severity of the damage. Bald patches can be extremely distressing to cope with.


  1. Hair Follicle Damage

The chemicals in hair dye or bleach can damage the follicles if they are not applied in the correct way. If they are left on too long, for example, or the patch test has not been completed, the hair can be damaged.


  1. Scalp Burns or Irritation

Powerful hair dye chemicals can burn the scalp if left on too long or applied in the wrong concentration. Many people have suffered severe burns after a misapplication of hair dye. It can also cause scalp irritation and pain.


  1. Emotional Trauma

If your hair has been ruined or your scalp marked, if you lose hair or your hair has been burned, you will experience psychological pain and trauma. In some cases this is severe enough to prevent you living a normal life and can lead to depression.


Causes of Hair Damage

Most hair dye and hair injury claims occur through the actions of an incompetent or an unqualified hairdresser. They may have failed to do the proper skin patch tests or they may not be concentrating when applying the chemicals to the hair.


What Can You Do?

According to solicitor JoanneDuPlessis.com, the hairdresser has a duty of care to protect their customer and their customer’s hair using all reasonable measures. If you suffer an injury after a hair dye or a bleach treatment it could be that the hairdresser was negligent.  If they have been negligent then you are entitled to make a legal claim.




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