Why my sofa’s better than yours.

Lounging around on my gorgeous bespoke sofa makes me the envy of my best friend. She says she enjoyed the browsing and excitement of buying her sofa in the showroom. She tried out every sofa in the store. As well as all the sofas in all the showrooms of all the other brands she could think of. She and her partner drove for miles; took their children along for second visits, and went back for third and fourth tries of their favourites until they were absolutely positive they’d found the perfect sofa for them – and the salesman was fantastically helpful, too (of course).


Bespoke Sofa Hire Purchase


Now  my friend is locked into a four-year Hire-Purchase Agreement with two years remaining. It still looks fine. There are ‘naturally’ signs of wear. The sofa is a little scuffed from people coming in and out of the door, and faded from sun exposure – she didn’t think about that. And the one she liked best was just that tiny bit too big for the room, so there was a little shoehorning involved, hence the scuffing. And it sags a little – you’d think these big brands would make their sofas to last, but it’s okay; they’ll buy a new one in two years’ time.


I love my gorgeous bespoke sofa. It still looks fantastic and my Hire-Purchase Agreement ended last year, so I’ve been paying for a holiday instead. Mine ended after only two years and I paid no interest at all.


Sofas to last a lifetime?


It might be an exaggeration to say I bought a sofa to last me a lifetime, but I did fully intend to buy a sofa to last me as long as I needed. Mass produced sofas aren’t necessarily much cheaper, even at sales prices, so I thought it would be nice to have a well constructed piece of furniture, with a handmade solid wood frame and careful attention to detail in the upholstery.


Designing a bespoke sofa


While my friend did an awful lot of legwork and frenzied decision making, I mostly designed my bespoke sofa from home at a more relaxed pace, so the heart and the head decision making kind of met halfway. I research bespoke sofa manufacturers and discovered there were quite a few small artisan sofa specialists in the UK. I took the time to call some of these in the first instance, and they gave me some useful advice that made the process really quick and easy.


First, I needed to decide on the location and purpose of the sofa. The makers had lots of styles to choose from as a starting point, so I used one I liked the look of, to see if it would work in that space. It was a little big, and really I wanted it as a corner sectional, if possible. It was certainly possible, with a few adjustments, they said. They drew up a design plan, with the rough measurements I gave them and offered to come out and double check this for me if I still liked the idea.


My own stamp


The result isn’t something you’d usually find in the shops. It’s not like those cord sofas that were popular a few years ago and now everyone is selling on, looking worn out and saggy. It’s quite an elegant, timeless design but with my own modern twist. I changed my mind a million times over the colour and fabric after trying so many free samples at home as I had some practical concerns and a few adjustments to make because of my cat constantly rubbing against the furniture. It’s these little things that make my bespoke sofa the perfect one for me, and I still look like the cat that got the cream whenever I’m on it. As a matter of fact, I’ve had a matching pet sofa made from the left over material at a discount, so we can both sprawl out in our favourite spot.



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